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This directory contains a listing of the long term care providers participating in LifePlans' Provider Pathway. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information. However, provider participation in the network is subject to change. Changes to an individual provider's information including address and phone number occur daily and may not be included in today's directory.

Selecting a long term care provider is the consumer's individual decision. LifePlans' Provider Pathway does not endorse or recommend one provider over another. All participating providers in the Provider Pathway must meet established state licensing requirements.

Important note to long-term care insurance policyholders: This list is provided to you solely for your convenience in selecting cost-effective options for care. However, the providers on this list may NOT necessarily be an approved provider under the terms of your long-term care policy and may not be approved for reimbursement under your long-term care claim. Please direct questions concerning terms of your insurance policy coverage directly to your insurance company.