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Aging brings new challenges and often requires significant changes consistent with the needs of both the aging individual and his/her family members.

Since 1987 LifePlans has been a strategic resource to the long-term care insurance industry and the Federal government. We now offer many of the same services directly to those directly in need of long-term health care, and those who care about them, through our innovative program, the Provider Pathway™.

LifePlans' Provider Pathway helps navigate through these complex crossroads in life. It offers a broad range of services to help assess and better understand an individual's specific needs for care or services.

Our ongoing assistance addresses care needs through identification and coordination of the resources and long-term care services in our national network of contracted providers. The LifePlans' Provider Pathway network is comprehensive and features thousands of home health care agencies, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities across the country providing services to LifePlans' clients at contractually reduced rates.

Every provider in our comprehensive network of contracted providers meets strict credentialing criteria and provides services to clients at reduced rates.

Whether you are paying privately or using long-term care insurance to help pay for care, we can help save money to enable your insurance benefits or personal funds to last longer and go further.

Not sure what is really needed? We can help assess your real long-term care service needs. Would home health care be enough? What is assisted living How does a Personal Emergency Response System work? Where can you get Durable Medical Equipment

One telephone call to the Provider Pathway's Service Representatives starts it all. We talk with you to understand the needs and offer some guidance and support. Then we go to work to identify providers that can meet the need. We will do the necessary research and send you a packet of information with a list of providers relevant to your needs. Included will be the names, the rates and your contractual savings along with the availability of providers in our network of credentialed providers.

Make the first call to 1-800-886-7404 (Monday through Friday 8 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time) or Contact Us on the web and we'll help you coordinate the long-term care you need. You may also search the Provider Pathway database of long-term care service providers to identify providers in your geographic area that currently participate in our program.

For more general information about Medicare, aging and elder care please visit our resource center.