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Here are answers to questions we regularly receive. If your question is not answered here, please call us at 1-800-886-7404 (Monday - Friday, 8AM to 6PM Eastern Time) or use this form to contact us.

How do I know the providers in the Provider Pathway are reliable?

Before a provider can become a member of the Provider Pathway, each provider goes through a credentialing process. Agencies and facilities must comply with all applicable state and federal requirements and present evidence of required insurance coverage. We do our best to work with you to be sure you are satisfied. It's important for any client considering a move to a facility to visit the assisted living or skilled nursing home, tour the facility and talk with the management. Home health care patients are encouraged to meet with potential caregivers before initiating services. Free reports of the periodic quality reviews conducted in home health agencies and skilled nursing facilities are available on the http://www.medicare.gov web site on our web link page.

Why would an agency or long-term care facility participate in the Provider Pathway?

Home health agencies and facilities enjoy a good working relationship with LifePlans' Provider Pathway. We provide a stream of referrals to participating agencies and assure them of prompt payment. They appreciate the value of being associated with a high quality program and the opportunity to service our clients.

Why should I use the Provider Pathway?

We understand how expensive, complex and confusing the long-term care system can be. We help you navigate through that system and clarify some of the landmarks along the way and we arrange for services at significantly reduced rates. In addition to helping you arrange for the services you need, we can coordinate additional resources such as a Personal Emergency Response System and hearing aid at a reduced rate. We can be the one call you make to arrange it all.

I have been receiving home health care through the Provider Pathway; my family thinks I need to go to assisted living, can the Pathway help me?

The Provider Pathway includes facilities including both assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities that offer reduced rates to Provider Pathway participants. Our contracted facilities include some facilities with Alzheimer's specialty units. Click here to SEARCH to locate a facility near you. If you have a specific facility in mind that is not currently in our network, you can Contact Us and we will invite them to join our network.

My parents live at home in North Carolina and I am concerned that they need help at home. I live several hundred miles away from them, what can I do to help?

We offer a broad range of services to assist you and your family. One thing you might consider is discussing with your parents the possibility of having a nurse come to their home and conduct an assessment of their long-term care service needs. A needs assessment with a customized care plan will identify the type of long-term care services that would be most appropriate to your parents. A care plan serves as a guide to assist everyone in planning for your parents' long-term care needs. An assessment will also help you to understand their individual needs and determine if it is safe for them to remain at home or if they would be better off in an assisted living facility or a skilled nursing setting.

Does the Pathway offer any other services at a discount that can help me?

Our network includes reduced rates on Personal Emergency Response Systems and hearing aids in addition to long-term care services. We are constantly identifying new opportunities to be helpful. If you'd like to send us ideas of other things you think would be useful, please use the Contact Us page to send us your ideas.

My mother doesn't have a long-term care insurance policy; can we still work with the Provider Pathway?

Yes! We are now expanding our services to include consumers who pay privately as well as those who have long-term care insurance. While we are continuing to work with our valued clients in the long-term care industry, we are also making the Provider Pathway and other LifePlans services available to those who do not have long-term care insurance. Our extensive experience over the years in working with seniors has helped to develop the products we are now offering to the public. Please use the Contact Us web page or telephone the LifePlans' Provider Pathway at 1-800-886-7404 to speak to a Service Representative. We are available Monday through Thursday from 8 AM to 6 PM and until 5 PM on Friday.

For answers to other questions Contact Us on the web or call 1-800-886-7404 for more information.