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Hearing Exams and Hearing Aids

The ability to hear accurately is a part of life we routinely take for granted until we start to lose hearing in the aging process. Hearing may gradually diminish over time as a natural part of aging or other factors may impinge on an individual's hearing. Hearing loss may be a source of frustration for the individual experiencing the loss. The loss of hearing is also a major source of concern and frustration for those that care about the individual, the family members and friends.

Sometimes the loss of hearing is so slow that the individual may not even be aware of it until the loss is severe. Hearing loss affects an elder's quality of life. The ability to remain safely at home in the community and be able to connect to family members, friends, and a support system is strongly linked to the ability to hear and communicate. A hearing aid enables the elder to enjoy communicating, good music and the stimulation of their individual world.

Because hearing well is so important, the Provider Pathway offers a significant discount on the costs of hearing aids. We believe many people have delayed the purchase of a hearing aid because of the costs involved in purchasing an individual or set of hearing aids. The newer products have more advanced digital technology and are so small as to hardly be noticeable; they are also more costly.

The Provider Pathway offers a national network of providers that will conduct a hearing test and make recommendations about the hearing aid to best meet the need, with no cost or obligation. Using the Pathway discount will save a considerable amount of money. The savings varies based on the cost of the model chosen.


A grandson was concerned about his grandmother who lived alone in her own home. The family noticed that it was increasingly difficult to "check in" with her on the telephone because either she didn't hear the phone ring or if she answered the phone, conversation was difficult. She didn't seem to be as social as she had been with decreasing outings to the Senior Center and other activities. The family worried about her safety at home as well as her becoming more socially isolated and withdrawn.

A family member was an eligible user of the Provider Pathway. The discount was also available to member of the immediate family as well. The Pathway referred her to one of the national network providers and then scheduled an appointment for a hearing evaluation. The test confirmed a profound hearing loss and resulted in a recommendation for a specific hearing aid. After thinking about the purchase carefully, the family purchased the hearing aid through the Pathway and saved a considerable amount of money.

One call to find about the resources available saved the elder and her family the search for a reputable provider and saved them money at the same time.

Please call LifePlans' Provider Pathway at 1-800-886-7404 or Contact Us on the web for more information about the savings opportunities.