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LifePlans' Provider Pathway respects the privacy of any information you provide on this website. WE DO NOT SELL OR TRADE YOUR INFORMATION. If you would like additional information about services in your geographic area that participate in our network, we ask that you let us know how you would like us to contact you with the information you requested; we can email the information, fax it, mail it to your home via the US postal service, or contact you by telephone.

If you would like to become part of our distribution list to enable us to send you information about additions to the Provider Pathway, please provide either your email address or your postal mailing address, whichever you would prefer that we use to provide you with such information.

Some of our client long-term care insurance companies we work with require that LifePlans' Provider Pathway share information with the insurance company regarding the names of long-term care providers we provide to their policyholders. We maintain a database of the names and addresses of users of the Provider Pathway. We DO NOT SELL OR TRADE ANY CONSUMER INFORMATION. We only provide limited information to client insurance companies regarding the providers that their policyholders are provided.

This website contains links to other websites that may be useful. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites, we encourage you to read the privacy policies of any website you visit.

Please call LifePlans' Provider Pathway at 1-800-886-7404 or Contact Us on the web for more information.