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LifePlans' Provider Pathway helps elders and those who care about them navigate the complexities of long-term care service providers. The Provider Pathway offers a broad range of services to help you determine which long-term services can best meet your needs or the needs of someone you care about. Whether you live close by or far away from elderly loved ones, have just a few questions or feel overwhelmed by the complexity of long-term care and its many options, the Provider Pathway can help.

We can arrange for an independent nurse to go to a senior's home to conduct a clinical assessment of his/her care needs. The assessment will give you valuable information and a "Care Plan" listing the services and resources that can serve as a guide to make life better for everyone.

A professional geriatric care manager will schedule telephone calls at regular intervals to identify emerging long-term care health needs and offer assistance to deal with them. The Care Manager will answer questions about available services and resources and act as a guide to help you live with the changes and the challenges of the aging process. Working with a Care Manager helps family members better "manage" their own busy lives and the needs of those they care about.

Using our contracted network of thousands of providers across the country our Service Representatives will quickly identify a discounted provider in your area and coordinate the services to start when you need them. We also provide you with help to verify your bills and resolve any discrepancies that may arise. We will be there every step along the path to help you find your way.

We can help you navigate:

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